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Vaping Products

 Welcome to APEX Smoke and Vape, the one stop shop for all of your vaping needs!

We always strive for variety and quality, which you will find with all of our products here. We carry a wide selection of conventional juice, nic salts, devices, disposables, and much more!

 Please visit us to see our full selection!


Product Information

Below you can find more information on the products we carry.


Pre-filled, charged, and ready to go!

We carry a large variety of disposable vapes, ranging from 400 to 3000 puffs and everything in between!

With a wide variety of popular flavors, you’re sure to find one you enjoy. 


Conventional Juice

We offer a wide variety of conventional juices, from sour green apple to juicy pineapple grapefruit, tobacco flavors, desserts, and more!

We provide nicotine dosages ranging from 0 to 20mg.

Come in to see our ever-changing selection!

Nic Salts

Just like our conventional juice, we have a wide variety of nic salts from brands like Coastal Clouds, BLVK Unicorn, Solace, Pod Juice, and many more!

We have a wide selection of flavor options, ranging from cinnamon funnel cake to mango berries and everything in between!

We offer nic salts in many different milligrams: 15mg – 55mg.


Vaping Devices

At our store we have an array of vaping devices to help you with your vaping needs! Ranging from nic-salt to conventional devices, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.

Our staff is prepared to find you the best devices suited towards your needs!


If you ever have any questions about your device please feel free to come into our store to consult with our staff! Our staff is well trained to help diagnose devices and offer insight into your vaping questions.

Basic Information:

Below is some basic information about some the devices we carry!




Gen S


Legend (Kit and Mod)

Solo (Kit and Mod)

Mini (Kit and Mod)

Zeus (Kit)


We carry:

Novo 2 & 3

Nord  1 & 2

RPM 40

RPM 80 & 80 Pro

Trinity Alpha

Scar – 18